Person-Centered Psychological Testing Services for Adults and Children

Offering Neurodiversity-Affirming Autism and PDA Evaluations for Adults, Adolescents, and Children, Pre-Adoption Evaluations, and Testing of ADHD, Learning Disorders, and other needs.

In the back of your mind, you know something is different.

You have always felt like you had to work harder than everyone else. Other people just seem to pick up on things that you have to spend hours analyzing and memorizing. You’ve figured out strategies to get by and accomplish what you need to, but it you’re constantly exhausted afterwards. Privately, there are things about yourself that you share with almost no one.

Whether you have been wondering about a particular diagnosis for years, traits have recently been brought to your attention by others, or it is something you are newly considering due to a family member’s diagnosis, having answers can be life-changing. The adults we work with often want to know if they have Autism or ADHD for their own peace of mind. Many have taken online tests or quizzes or found information online about Autism, PDA, or Asperger’s that has resonated with them.

We understand that teens and adults with a lifetime of masking look different than the typical stereotypes of autism and ADHD. We are proud to offer neurodiversity-affirming evaluations to people who want to better understand themselves. We take the time to understand what you are experiencing, and we specialize in adult autism evaluations for those who have been previously undiagnosed. Having information may help you understand yourself and also how to approach differences with others. It can help with choosing a career path, being able to discuss difficulties with friends and partners, and lead to accommodations in school or work.

You are not alone. And all that hard work and masking has gotten you where you are today—but maybe things could be easier and better.

Help and Healing Center

If you are a parent who is searching for answers for your child, you are tired of seeing your child struggling. Without knowing how to help them, they are falling through the cracks. It might be the way they interact with other kids, information they seem to be missing when listening or reading, difficulty in a particular school subject, debilitating anxiety, or extreme behavior either at home or at school. You might be getting notes home from teachers about your child’s behavior or attention, or your child may hate school and refuse to go. If the school does not recognize or understand why your child is acting in a particular way, they cannot provide the supports they need to be successful.

Your child is not getting the help they need, and every day they are falling further behind. You have tried to support your child, but without knowing exactly what the difficulty is, it’s been a lot of effort for minimal results. You need to get to the bottom of things so you can form a plan and get your child back on track. Many of the families I’ve worked with have wondered about diagnoses like Autism or Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), but haven’t known where to turn. Others have gotten evaluations but felt that they were “cookie cutter,” failed to miss more subtle symptoms, or were not personalized to their child’s needs.

When done well, psychological evaluations can be powerful and help change the trajectory of one’s growth and development. Comprehensive evaluations can identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and justify IEP goals in particular areas. They can provide information and evidence to determine whether a school is the best fit for a student’s needs, or whether adaptations or accommodations are needed so a child or adult can be competitive with their peers. They can also identify the most effective interventions and take the guesswork out of it.

Appointments are available over telehealth and in-person.

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Help and Healing Center

An Evaluation From The Help & Healing Center Can Help

The right evaluation at the right time can lead to years of treatment  and help, additional resources available to you and your family, and insight that can dramatically impact both prognosis and self-esteem. It can help you advocate for the tools in school or work that you need to be successful, and if you are stuggling due to a mental health condition, it can help detail your situation in an independant medical exam (IME) so others can understand your difficulties.

In addition to seeing clients on the Chicago North Shore, we are able to work with families who reside in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, and Wisconsin! We offer both in-person and telehealth evaluations.


Dr. Jessica Myszak, Licensed Psychologist

If you are looking for someone to complete a psychological evaluation, you want someone who can understand what you need and take the steps to look at all of the information and provide you with answers. 

I have done thousands of evaluations for children and adults over the years for a variety of referral questions. This experience helps me understand the needs for different types of evaluations. The assessments used, the language of a report, and the recommendations can mean the difference between a good report and a great report.


Our Specialties

If you are wondering about autism, ADHD, or a learning disabillity for yourself or your child, a psychological evaluation can provide answers and guide for next steps.

adult autism testing

If you have been wondering about autism, an evaluation can give you the answers you’ve been searching for.

psychological evaluation for adults

A psychological evaluation can give you answers and help you determine which supports are important for your child.

autism test for kids

An autism evaluation can identify supports both in and out of school that can help your child.

Psychological Testing Can Be Used To Determine Whether an Individual Has:

  1. Autism

  2. ADHD

  3. Learning Disabilities

  4. Intellectual Disabilities

  5. Other Communication Disorders

  6. Behavior Disorders

  7. Other Psychological Conditions

What Are Child Behavior Problems?
Behavior Disorders
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Students with an Intellectual Disability
Intellectual Disabilities
Mental Disorders
Psychological Conditions

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