Are you an adult trying to navigate life with autism? If so, Autistic Support Network (ASN) is here to provide support and resources. ASN is a free online community designed to provide a safe space for adults on the autistic spectrum to come together, form relationships, ask questions, and gain insight. Launching February 17th, this platform provides opportunities for autistic adults who feel isolated or alone to find like-minded peers that understand their experiences and challenges. It provides a much-needed resource to those who feel alone in their journey.

What Autistic Support Network Offers

Autistic Support Network will offer autistic adults a variety of tools and resources including an online forum allowing users to ask questions and get feedback from other members of the community. The platform will also feature a provider directory where users can share positive and negative evaluation experiences and other opportunities to connect. In addition to this, the platform will also have access to premium resources such as courses and other content. As this is a brand new community, it will grow with time!

The Benefits of Joining Autistic Support Network

When you join ASN you become part of something bigger than yourself – a supportive community dedicated to helping each other succeed. You can connect with other people just like you who understand your challenges and share your experiences. You can get valuable advice from others on how best to cope with autism-related issues in your day-to-day life.

How Can I Join?

Joining the Autistic Support Network is easy! All you need to do is go to and sign in. Once you have submitted your information you will be able to gain access immediately! This community is open to all adults, regardless of their location or other demographics.

Autism affects every aspect of a person’s life. That’s why having a supportive network like Autistic Support Network is essential. If you know someone who has been struggling with feeling alone or isolated due to their autism diagnosis then please consider sharing this article or signing up for the free online community launching February 17th! By joining this network, adults will be able to find a sense of community that they may not have had before while gaining access to valuable resources that will help them better understand their diagnosis and provide them with much needed support from others in similar situations. Let’s come together as a community and make this new launch successful! Together we can make a difference in our lives and others’ through meaningful connections!

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