Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Can Improve Child Behavior Problems.

You’re exhausted. Your sweet little toddler has turned into a tiny terror. You thought it was a phase… then just the terrible twos…. then at three things got even worse! Things are not getting better, and you need some help. You have lost control of your house and find ways to avoid taking the kids out in public, because you know it will lead to disaster and embarrassment. You have tried different things, but nothing has worked. Your parents and partner make comments but they aren’t the ones dealing with the daily battles. You sometimes find yourself letting your child get away with murder just to avoid the drag-out tantrums.

Parenting is tough. It’s a nonstop, never-ending rollercoaster of emotions and excitement. For some kids, it is even harder. Strong-willed, stubborn, intelligent kids can be very challenging to parent. PCIT is a “coaching” model that can help you change your relationship with your child, and change your home life. This type of therapy works really well with children between the ages of 12 months and 7 (and though you focus on one child, the things you learn will positively affect the whole family!) It involves two parts. In the first phase, parents learn and practice how to do more of the “good stuff” that builds up their child and helps them know what their parents are paying attention to. The second phase focuses on discipline, where parents learn and practice an evidence-based behavior strategy to deal with all types of behavior problems.

Parent child interaction therapy

Therapy sessions involve the therapist “live-coaching” the parent through these skills through an earbud as they spend time with their child, so it is extremely interactive. Families get homework assignments and are expected to practice daily so they can make progress as quickly as possible. Parents who go through this therapy often call it “life-changing” and feel like once they get through the program, they have a much better interactions with their kids overall, and feel much more in control with misbehavior and discipline. Your child’s behavior no longer has to be a sore spot between you and your family members. You can improve your relationship with your child and get on the same page as the other caregivers in your child’s life. You can get through the day without yelling or constant threats. Things can get better. I can help.

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